Harry Crews


That’s my collection of Harry Crews so far, and I’m very pleased with it. His work is pretty hard to come by, and it ain’t cheap. I think he’s mostly out of print these days. The Gospel Singer especially I’m pleased with as it took a very long time to find a copy that cost less than £300. This copy cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than £300. I love his work but I’m not gonna spend close to a month’s rent on him. He actually died on my birthday in 2012, though I didn’t read my first Crews (A Feast of Snakes) until January of this year. I was glad to finally do it. Harry Crews has changed everything for me, writing-wise. He leapt straight to the top of my list of influences. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone and everyone.

We went and voted today. I don’t have much faith in the candidates or the parties and frankly I think they’re all liars, but hey-ho. It’s done now. Worse comes to worse, I can always escape into the wonderful world of Harry Crews.


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